eforea spa

You may have just arrived, but another journey awaits. A journey to a place of peace and tranquillity. Where the world stops for a while and you can reconnect with what matters most: you.

Indulge in luxurious Elemis treatments, with results-oriented and locally inspired therapies that make our Essentials and Escape Journeys so unique. Enjoy our signature Journey Enhancements… powerful mini treatments added to your existing treatments or enjoyed on their own. Specially designed for eforea, they will introduce you to exceptional, rarely experienced techniques from the most fabled spa cultures around the world. Welcome to heaven.

four rooms, unlimited bliss

Close your eyes. Focus on nothing. Let your cares drift away. In each of our four luxury treatment rooms it’s easy. With a range of unique treatments for men and women, there are any number of ways for you to reach nirvana. Exceptional, relaxing and designed exclusively for eforea spa.

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‘heavenly’ is always on the menu

From tanning to waxing, our full salon services menu offers you the complete wellbeing package. No detail has been overlooked to bring you a range that is quite simply unequalled. Lay back, relax and enjoy time that is dedicated to you and you alone.

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where relaxation is your destination

This is where your journey begins. Complete with comfortable couches and armchairs, our pre and post-treatment relaxation lounge has been designed with one thing in mind: to make sure you start your spa journey in optimum luxury. Leave your cares outside. Welcome to your relaxation zone.

the gift that makes everyone feel good

Make someone special feel special – buy one of our Gift Certificates today. Whether you gift them an unforgettable treatment or a spa day, you’ll never feel better about making someone feel good.

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